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American troops take the fighting to Sadr City. Also, new evidence of torture used by the new Iraqi government.

Did the US military seize footage from journalists after an attack that lead to civilian deaths in Afghanistan?

The middle class is becoming increasingly uninsured.

* Afghanistan: A job half done
* Walter Reed isn't the only vet hospital with problems.
* Colorado Republicans denied redistricting measure. I really wish both sides would knock it off, honestly.
* Howard Kurtz on Giuliani's hometown problem.
* I heard it on NPR: how multitasking affects human learning.
* Why hurricanes Katrina and Rita became such different storms.
* The Congo and the phantom minister.
* Colbert named Person of the Year by the U.S. Comedy Arts Festival.
* Another look at Schlesinger the historian, writing in the present tense.

The long, dark shadow of the Disney magic kingdom.

Developing the visual look for 300.

I heard it on NPR: Ricky Jay rules.
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