PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

* Innocent man kidnapped by the CIA wants the government to admit its mistakes.
* More abuses by the Bush administration? "United States attorneys, the highest federal prosecutors at the state level, must be insulated from politics." More here.
* The debate of what to do with sex offenders after they've completed their terms continues.
* Q&A with Justice Thomas. Hint: he doesn't like the media.
* Evangelicals upset that their peers are focusing on climate change, because it takes away the spotlight from important things, like gay marriage.
* Archaeologists may have found Blackbeard's ship.
* Hasty legislation renders a hobby illegal. (Courtesy thatwhichisgene.)

Joss Whedon writes Buffy season 8 for comic books.

Speaking of comic books, Deepak Chopra has a new way of doing things in mind.
Tags: comic books, movies, news, tv

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