PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

How cool am I? Right after I watch my awesome scififantasyhorrorcult TV show, I get right on the In-tar-web to discuss it!

In case you thought there was a better show on TV than Angel, you're wrong.

* First: GWEN.
* Opening credits: Ben Edlund. Hang in boys, we're in for a bumpy ride.
* Cordelius: that's the worst outfit evar. I mean, really. And in what world is that eight months pregnant?
* First true line of the episode: "Everything's been so 'Clash of the Titans' around here."
* Second true line of the episode: "...turgid supernatural soap opera...'
* Scene with Wes and Fred: awesome, but too short. Eventually, I will miss evil Wesley, but he's pulling his weight for now.
* At this point, I realize neither Cordelius nor Connor has annoyed me the entire episode. This trend remains true for the rest of it as well (!)
* Gunn kicking ass against many samurai! Man o man, I missed Gunn.
* I really wish I could figure out who Gwen looks like. No, really.
* On a related note, all her outfits tonight just prove she's hottt. Yes, three T's.
* Whoah, one week earlier and we would have had Faith and Gwen in the SAME EPISODE.

And then


I mean, I was already crying for Lorne, because he was so obviously dead. He was even getting to sing for us so wonderfully once more! But, lights come on, Wesley with a shotgun! And Fred with a revolver! "Has Cordy been a bad, bad girl?"


More later, since I might just watch it again. And, glad to see they're setting up more stuff for the future, I was beginning to worry that they were gonna close up shop at the same time as Buffy. Which would be fine, but yeah, so diggin' this again.

"It's not always about holding hands." -Wesley
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