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M. had girl plans last night, and Comcast still hasn't fixed the wireless to my machine (fourth or fifth dispatch coming up this morning) and I hadn't really made proper plans, so I ended up getting a little painting done (Warmachine,) and working on that mix CD that's been on my radar for a couple weeks now.

Last Saturday night, sat down with dreamerdevie, elizardaa, and various friends and family members to try out the Game of Thrones board game. Now, credit where it's due, this evening was advertised as playing one of those 'complex games that we enjoy.' However, since no one had played before, we just started reading through the rules. Which were, well, very, very thorough. Like noting that a 2 is higher than a 1. Which I knew. Thoroughness is fine in rules, but if you're reading it out loud to a bunch of people, and it's a lengthy process, people are going to get punchy. Regardless, we were reading rules, joking around, and playing with the widgets for a couple hours. Funny, but, a bit time-consuming.

But once we got down to playing, my interest was definitely up. Reminds me of my old-school days of weekly six-player Legend of the Five Rings card games, with alliances, deals, treaties, and backstabbing. I picked Lannister, because I've been told they rock. I would love to sit down and give it a serious go at some point in the near future.

(No, I haven't read the books. By the time I heard they were good, there was already over a thousand pages written, and it isn't done yet, so at this point I think I'll just watch the HBO series.)

News later, and a nice bitchy post forthcoming. Make note.
Tags: gaming, not news
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