PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

This is why yesterday sucked for me.

I left my cellphone at home, as Comcast was supposed to be coming by to fix my wireless connection. You know, the one that they didn't fix Tuesday, when they didn't even show up on Tuesday. So, phoneless, I take the bus in to work, as I do every Wednesday.

M. drops me a note, lets me know that tze bebe threw up on the way to school and wasn't feeling well. Crap. So M.'s plans for the day are shot, as she's taking care of the munchkin.

I end up, um, "discussing" with A. how we can arrange bebe dropoff in the evening. Both sides have different views of the word 'convenient.' Regardless, M. bites the bullet and offers to drive tze bebe back to A.'s place in the evening.

Half the crew here at work is supposed to have a class from 4 to 5. The class goes in late, so I offer to stick around here at work so the guy who really doesn't like me* won't be stuck here on the phones by himself if anything breaks. The (lame) class ends up really late, and I finally duck out of here around quarter to 6.

Now, in the interim, M. has let me know the Comcast guy, who was scheduled to show between 2 and 5, showed up... at a quarter to 5. I let her know to just call A. when she's en route, and explain the situation.

So, I leave work and hike up to the Metro... and get down to the platform and see the five-deep crowd lined up for the next train, which would be by 'at some point when the power situation was fixed.' I put away my book, because I know I won't get any reading done.

True to my prediction, the next train shows, eveyone piles in, and it's breathing-room only.

Hit Silver Spring just in time to miss the Express bus to my house. Well hell. Hop on the next one, and get a few minutes waiting around to get rolling.

(The only saving grace? Passing the bus that I missed, which broke down along 29.)

Come home, and yep, Comcast hasn't fixed the wireless. I'm too run down to even call up and yell at the tech on duty after hours.

And yes, work's been right goofy again this week. This job is certainly keeping me busy.

One more backlogged post to catch up on. Then we'll be caught up from last weekend.

* - Apparently he really doesn't like anyone, or so I have been told.
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