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Previously, on Lost...

Exactly what the show has been missing.

* Kid Hurley and Cheech! Also, tragic hair.
* "Having hope is never stupid. You gotta believe good things can happen, and they will."
* "I miss you, Libby."
* I think he might be right, and I think it might be my fault.
* Vincent! "Is that an arm?" Heh, rabbit's foot keychain.
* He bought the Chicken Shack!
* Randy!
* And Asian reporter Tricia Takanawa Tanaka. Heh.
* Roger!
* Heh, Sun's only speaking in English. And Jin gets no subtitles!
* Food supplies running low. Have there been further deliveries? Will there, now that the Swan station is gone?
* "I found a car."
* Yay Jin & Sun! This kind of stuff is totally what the show's been missing. And while I'm on the subject of them, Sun cracked me up consistently in this episode by just acting with her eyes.
* Sawyer stepped on... a dart?
* "I had mono when I was a kid!"
* And, happy reunions. Including us with, you know, the rest of the cast we've been missing while we've been immersed in the Jack-Kate-Sawyer show.
* "After seventeen years, your father has returned."
* "Sorry about your arm, dude."
* "Dude. Roger was on a beer run."
* "...We'll get that later."
* "I'll be damned, y'all found yourself a hippie car."
* Hee, hooked on phonics.
* Oh, hi Sayid.
* Kate's going to... get help?
* "Now that is a hell of a Jesus."
* Also, wow. Also, 'your mother has needs.'
* Recycling? Plus, map of a... dirt road?
* "It's flat, and it stinks."
* "Skeletor seems to like it."
* "There sure as hell ain't no hope here."
* Curse breaking?
* Hooray for beer!
* SLAP "Snap out of it!"
* "Let's look death in the face and say 'whatever, man!'"

Hurley: Shut up... red... neck... man.
Sawyer: ...Touche.

* The charge of the light brigade! Also, the fantastic four.
* "We make our own luck, Hugo."
* "There is no curse. You make your own luck."
* 8-track!
* Vincent!
* Ah, the victorious heroes.
* And Kate finds... Locke and Sayid.
* Compass bearing from Eko's stick? But I thought compasses didn't work right there?
* Rousseau! Time to find the Others' camp!

Next week: Pirate! Chess!

See guys? That was a fantastic episode that didn't give away too many secrets, and got us reacquainted with some of the things we've been missing this season: the characters we love.

In other news, still hating the later start time, makes the update pretty unreasonable. Also, never doing the picture portion from work again. IE is *so* much less user-friendly than Firefox.
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