PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Previously, on Heroes...

* "I'm not going to nuke the dog!" -Ted
* Ah, the plan was to steal the computer. I like these openings.
* ("Stay calm.")
* "...And you know what happens when I get upset." -Ted
* Black and white flashback! "Wildly enthusiastic."
* "I'm comfortable with morally grey." -Mr. Bennet
* Team with one of 'them.' Keeping everyone honest. INteresting!
* "She knows?" -Matt
* They think Mr. Bennet did 'it' to them.
* "He told me to protect you from someone killing people like me." -Matt
* Hey, that's a familiar rooftop.
* "She belongs to us."
* "Happy Father's day." -Claude
* "Son of a bitch is thinking in Japanese." -Matt
* ("Shoot Claire now!")
* Man, Mr. Bennet is directing it all.
* Coughs up a bullet!
* "I didn't make anyone!" -Mr. Bennet
* Ah, they would have taken Claire if they knew she had manifested.
* Matt's totally flipped.
* "There's a boy we discovered in Haiti. He's mute."
* "You're the only one I can trust."
* Ted, quit showing off.
* Heh, found out he can talk.
* Seven years ago. "You're not as good a liar as you think."
* Claude was hiding one too.
* "I was in the office when they told you to kill me."
* "You acted against the company."
* Oh, hi Claire.
* Mom went back for her!
* "I don't know what I am." -Claire
* "I can't pretend it's the same world it was yesterday." -Mrs. Bennet
* Yay Haitian! And she made sure to save Mr. Muggles!
* "I'm sorry." -Big Boss Man
* Tranq! Claire can do it! "Get him out of here!"
* Wow, she looks like Spock at the end of Wrath of Khan.
* And, in retrospect, she just used her powers in front of a bunch of people.
* "It's a shame to have to kill another partner."
* Heh, they said the Haitian was hiding her.
* Oh, hi Ted.
* Man, Matt's in a nicer place. They're totally going to recruit him.
* "She is going to help us clean up the mess you made."
* There's the Haitian. Yay.
* Shot! Erased! Dude, I was totally tearing up in this scene.

Next week: Sword! Linderman!

Just one story, cool. And WOW, so much info to comprehend. And where will the Haitian take her? And who is the Big Boss Man?
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