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Friday night, caught up with snidegrrl and bizarrojack and swung down to Snowden to catch Ghost Rider. Now, mind you, I set my sights very low. I'm *not* a big fan of Mr. Cage, and Ghost Rider is, well, kind of a goofy 70's superhero. But personally, I enjoyed the movie for it's badness. I don't think they took the movie very seriously, which is OK. Nicholas Cage's Elvis impersonations didn't bug me terribly much, because the character is so, well, 70's. The changes they made to the Ghost Rider background all fit fine. Peter Fonda and Wes Bentley were properly over-the-top for their roles. And Sam Elliot is always fun, and got some extra love here. My real complaint is that the fight scenes were pretty anti-climatic. Yes, some parts were annoying, and I kept cracking up when they tried to do any serious speeches. It was bad, but enjoyable bad. And certainly on the bottom rung of modern comic book movies.

New trailers:
* The Kingdom - It'd be a buddy cop drama, except it's about terrorism in the Middle East.
* Knocked Up - The only reason I'm interested is that it's by the folks that did 40-Year Old Virgin.
* Shooter - note: not actually a sequel to The Bourne Identity, but you wouldn't know that from the trailer.
* The Condemned - It's "The Most Dangerous Game," except with Stone Cold Steve Austin, Nathan "freakin' huge" Jones, and Bullet Tooth Tony. So, maybe.
* 300 - Not a new trailer, but seeing it on the big screen finally convinced M. that she wants to see it, so I thought I'd mention it again.
* Resident Evil 3: Extinction - Oh, wow. Directed by the guy who brought us Highlander (and Highlander 2.) Written by the guy who brought us Mortal Kombat (and Resident Evil 2.) *And* it's a post-zombie-apocalypse movie. This trailer was everything I was hoping for. (And I despised the second movie.) Plus Ali Larter! Can't wait.
* Spider-man 3 - New trailer. Not a lot new, but wowzah, lookin' sharp, guys.

In other movie news:
And in case you're curious, no, I'm not watching the Oscars tonight. I just didn't see enough of the nominated movies to have any real investment in them. So, fingers crossed for Little Miss Sunshine and Pan's Labyrinth.
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