PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Today's top read: Dan Froomkin on Cheney being unapologetic, the failing surge, and other top stories.

Where's the outrage over the American use of torture?

Chart: the presidential candidates on Iraq.

* Long Guard deployments have a grim toll on the home front too. (Courtesy imamsawez.)
* Iraq, one year after the bombing of the Golden Mosque. Also, on the ground with our troops at an Iraqi police station.
* Lieberman revels in his newfound power.
* Embracing a "liberal moment."
* Howard Kurtz on the Obama-Clinton brushfire.
* Media responsibility: the Bill Richardson candidacy, and the Pelosi plane story.
* Circumcision turns out to be a good way to help curb the spread of AIDS.
* Footloose? "Recreational dancing is not a form of expression protected by the federal or state constitutions."
* The coolest title you'll hear today: Secrets of the Demon Miracle Pitch. (Yes, a baseball story.)

(Correction: I forgot to mention yesterday that it was warmaster who passed along the pianist plagiarist article.)
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