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"The reason these two companies have 13 million subscribers willing to cough up $12.95 a month for something we all grew up thinking should be free is that commercial radio has self-destructed. All these folks (including me) are paying for satellite because they're tired of cookie-cutter radio formats stuffed to the gills with commercials. They're also fed up with focus-grouped music stations that play the same 60 songs until you keep hearing the chords in your sleep."
-Howard Kurtz

A sense of deja vu in Somalia.

Our image overseas isn't improving.

* Tony Blair announces Britain's exit strategy from Iraq.
* Will we crack down on Sadr City?
* Andrew Cohen on closing arguments in the Libby case. Dan Froomkin sums it up, and notes the path leading to the vice-president's door.
* Talking with Iranians on the street.
* Robert Samuelson talks global finance.
* "This is an amazingly stupid and arrogant position. If she sticks to it, it will probably kill her candidacy. And it should."
* VA senate approves red-light cameras.(Bonus Virginia: northern vs. rest of the state.)
* The National Symphony Orchestra embraces techno.

Want to fight torture? Time to talk to... Hollywood?
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