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Previously, on Heroes...

wireless: hi Ted
* "I know what they did to you." -Hana
* "They got to me too."
* "I can find them, Ted. And you can nuke them."
* Oh good god. What Ted didn't need was encouragement.
* Previously: It's really Mr. Muggles who suffers.
* They assumed he was dead. (Fools.)
* Give Isaac a (large) gun, great idea.
* "What did you do?" -Janice
* Dale cracks me up.
* Blood from the Human Genome Project, interesting.
* "Damn, that was my best wrench."
* Super-hearing! She can hear moods!
* "But they gotta pay for what they did to me." -Ted
* Creeping cemetery doom, eep.
* "Here lies Peter Petrelli. He tried." -Claude
* Telekinesis! He copied Sylar!
* "You take on a partner, all you get is blood on your hands."
* Mohinder's working on an inhibitor, huh? Way to slip that one in, guys.
* "Justice can never really be served." -Mohinder
* Darwin, pigeons, "maximum potential."
* Tasers! HE STOPS THEM. And flying!
* "Claude will have to wait." -Mr. Bennet
* The ring was worth $40,000. Whoah. "Stealing and lying? Matt, you're better than this!" -Janice
* Claude has the scar! "Those are for the lucky ones."
* Simone, your idea of telling everyone is... dumb.
* "Because that's what I would do." -Nathan
* Hiro and Ando's heart-to-heart chat in a bus luggage compartment during a firefight, solid gold.
* "I would never have known what it is to be a hero." -Ando
* HE PUSHED BACK THE BULLET. That's not a linear movement in time, people.
* Heh, no footsteps.
* "That sound, in your heart. What is it?" -Dale
* Subdural hemorrhage, ouch. 'Bruise on your brain.'
* And Matt meets... Ted! Whoops. I figured it would be Linderman's new man.
* "They're tracking us! Like animals!" -Ted
* Pneumatic needles, radioactive isotopes.
* "He can't lie to us if you're there." -Ted
* "We could be heroes!" Man, I really feel for Ted in all this, but it's heartbreaking.
* "After what you did to Mom, isn't that enough?!" -Claire
* And, Mr. Bennet levels with her.
* "People like her shouldn't have to know about people like him." -Mr. Bennet
* Hee, Sylar's headache. Nice yelling, Mo!
* "Life isn't a comic book!" -Hiro
* "Hey young fella. All by yourself?" -Stan Lee!
* "Somebody has to protect this family from you!" -Claire
* Ted! Matt!
* "Why'd you do it, Isaac?" -Peter
* "DON'T LIE TO ME!" WOW. That a new power, or just a combo of Sylar's TK and Eden's Voice? (We do know Peter was exposed to Sylar's other powers, we just don't know what they are...)
* Furthermore, !
* "With just one bullet I can be a hero!" -Isaac
* Oh, Simone. The key and everything.

"Next Monday, you'll get answers."

Call me a sap, but I wanted a bigger part for Stan Lee.

And man, the guys from Lost could *really* learn a lot about keeping a storyline moving from the Heroes guys.
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