PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

OK, let's break Buffy down...

* Ugh, no Faith! Damn these two separate networks not cooperating.
* I don't buy that Giles would go along with the 'eliminate Spike' plan. Sorry.
* I also didn't like the 'Spike's mom' stuff, luckily, it can mostly be ignored.
* Hee, MP3.
* OK, the Spike-Wood interaction was *awesome.* True, a little psycho-analysis-y, but still, awesome. I'm trying to not get my hopes up and say 'hey, the old Spike is back!' but I just said it.
* And while I don't like the Giles part above, I *greatly* enjoyed the interaction between him and Buffy, right up until the end. I again posit that the theme of the show is growing up, and her effectively giving Giles the finger is part of that growing up.
* Speaking of my crazy 'theme' idea, note that Wood and Giles are the only two adults on the show. However, we find out tonight that Wood never came to inner peace with his mother, and that's why he still held on to things. Now, the question is, where does he go from here?
* Kennedy, Anya (in an awful hat and dress,) Willow, Token Black Slayerette, Andrew, here's your one line a piece for one scene, thanks for showing up.
* DAMN I want the gauntlet-things that Wood used to beat the tar out of Spike.
* So glad Wood didn't kill Spike. I don't care how long you've trained, Wood, you're just a human, and not only shouldn't you be able to take out Spike (who killed *two* Slayers) but definitely not be able to take out Evil Spike. OK, Batman could, but you're not Batman, you're Robin (snee hee hee.)

Possibly more tomorrow, I may even watch it a second time.
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