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Uh, last week, on Lost...

Will Smeagol pull the ring out of the river next episode?

* Previously: Full Frontal Scotsman
* "He would want us to ransack his tent?" -Hurley
* 'shocking amounts' of porn, hee.
* "The Island killed him." -Locke
* And then Desmond... freaks out.
* "Where's Claire?!" -Charlie
* "That guy... sees the future, dude." -Hurley
* Pic of Penelope.
* Domestic strife between Charlie and Claire.
* Hee, drunkenness. (These three? They're what the show's been missing.)
* "You, ah, hear the lightning as well?" -Charlie
* "I'll see you in another life, brother." -Desmond
* Hee, paint.
* Whoah. This. Isn't. A. Flashback.
* beep beep beep
* And a delivery for #815!
* Mr. Widmore, I presume. (Hey, nice painting.)
* Set designer for the Royal Shakespeare Company? Sure.
* "I came here to ask for your daughter's hand in marriage." -Desmond
* "To share it with you would be a waste." -Widmore
* Wow. That was a putdown for the ages. Well played, sir.
* ACK CHARLIE HIERONYMUS PACE. "We are on an island, mate. This is England."
* Was he always a precog? Is he replaying everything? Has he gone back? FASCINATING.
* Mohinder?
* "I don't remember everything, just bits and pieces." -Desmond
* And... then it didn't happen.
* "Why do you love me?"
* "This is wrong, you don't buy the ring." WHOAH.
* "Just thought it was a bold fashion choice worth noting."
* Collapse! And ruby red... sneakers! SHE KNEW. WHO IS SHE?
* "The universe has a way of... course-correcting."
* "You do it because you're supposed to."
* Pushing the button is the only great thing he will do. Wow.
* And, there's your photo.
* "Being a good man is not enough."
* Heh, wrong night at the bar!
* I can only presume he got hit in the back of the head with a cricket bat hard enough to not only punch him into the future, but blow all his clothes off. Wait.
* And, welcome back to the remains of the hatch.
* "You can't change it, no matter what you do."
* (This is the point that M. points out that Claire is going to die. I freak out.)
* "When I turned that key, my life flashed before my eyes... Those flashes didn't stop."
* "You're going to die, Charlie."

Next week: three biggest mysteries! The ghosts! OMG WTF BBQ LOL NWA

OK, so. Let's talk destiny and predestination. He *can't* just be replaying his life from before turning the key, because he's predicting things that haven't happened yet. Is he Merlin, living his life backwards? Heh.

And Charlie was singing "Wonderwall", including the line "you're gonna be the one to save me..." hee hee hee

OK, and want one more bonus, since I'm late? Check this out, and prepare to have your mind blown.
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