PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"Power skins": how we could harness motion power through protein to provide energy for a Martian base. Or something. (Courtesy frecklefaerie.)

Action plan for killer asteroids.

* Republicans filibuster Iraq resolution in the Senate (although seven Republicans, including John Warner, sided with the Democrats.) (And nine other Republicans did not vote.)
* National Review claims that the Republicans' field of white, male candidates is more diverse than the Democrats' choices.
* Making driving safer by changing driver behavior.
* Hollywood (as a town) has fallen on tough times.
* Prince Harry is shipping out to Iraq.
* Who wears watches anymore? "The way we track time is changing with the times."
* How a legal battle over Winnie the Pooh could cost Disney millions, or even billions.
Tags: news, scary technology

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