PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Newz Bitez

On this day in 1634, Maryland was founded by English colonists sent by the second Lord Baltimore.

Today's disturbing find in the fridge at work: someone brought in pudding snacks. Under the logo is the phrase - "Tastes like somebody loves you." Which is, uh, yeah. trying to decide if I want that on a t-shirt or a tattoo.

My cactus at work is dying even more now. This is probably a sign of something.

Does anyone own a copy of Batman 4? Yeah, I know it's a longshot, and I know it's awful. I still want to see it.

Oooh, and I hit Closet o' Comics recently, and picked up the first in a new Astro City limited series. (And a lot of other comics, of course.)

Yesterday we swung by RQ's work (me in tow to maintain bebe and lift heavy objects.) Afterwards was a tasty lunch at Thai Square (in Arlington.) I may even miss that place. Naturally, to cap off an otherwise fine trip was a half hour or so when I was convinced I lost my wallet. But, found! Whew.

Sunday was Oscars night, hosted by Regent and Sailor Tork. Big fun! Zoe behaved for, um, some of it, but there was a lot of walking around with her. And always great seeing people.

Tonight, Le Chat Noir avec Operative X.

Veteran activists question effectiveness of the current anti-war protests. Take that you hippies!

CD playing: Decoded Feedback, "Atlantis" (which is kicking my ass)
LJ spelling suggestion of the day: for longshot, 'longboat.'

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