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Delusional! "The US invasion plan for Iraq envisaged that only 5,000 US troops would remain in Iraq by December 2006, declassified Central Command documents show."

Catch up on the hot news topics with Dan Froomkin, covering Bush, Iran, Libby, and much more.

Lawrence Wright on underestimating al-Qaeda.

* Analysis: Bush's lack of credibility comes back to haunt him.
* What if the president held a press conference but didn't answer any questions?
* Also, that surge thing gets underway.
* New Orleans struggles to deal with the post-Hurricane Katrina crime wave.
* The judge in the Libby case says he was misled by the defense.
* Democrats in Congress question the NIE.
* William Kristol on a moment of truth for Republicans in Congress.
* On Obama and race, and how far we haven't come.
* Howard Kurtz on the first Mormon presidential run. Bonus: is Giuliani just a jerk?
* Tavis Smiley wants to see other issues addressed.
* Dick Meyer on the airline conspiracy.
* A galaxy of dark matter.
* Let's welcome the new dollar coin. Seriously, people, it's a good idea.

Today in scary technology: how to secretly encode data in pictures.

Screenwriter John August (Go, Big Fish) on what he learned from World Of Warcraft. (Courtesy robin_d_laws.)
Tags: 2007, gaming, news, scary technology
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