PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Previously, on Heroes...

* "It's been fourteen years." -Nathan
* "Maybe one day she'll run for Congress."
* Oh no, scamming him for money.
* Mrs. Bennet isn't doing well. Neurologist, and Claire is mad.
* Covering up the mark.
* Matt's in private security.
* "I have a feeling we're supposed to be fighting crime or something." -Micah
* Package from Linderman. Malsky! Uh oh.
* Hiro and Ando, back in Vegas, sneaking into Linderman's hotel. Can't lose hope.
* Hee, princess. "Hi, I'm Hope."
* Mohinder's getting lots of hangups. Zane Taylor.
* Ando to the rescue! "Room service!"
* "Stop saying the things I say to you!" -Hiro
* Zane, the Ramones fan. "I've never been different or special."
* Yay Nathan's mom. "Beneath the gruff exterior, you're a sap."
* Hee, grounded.
* Also, Jessica + muzak = comedy.
* Ex-employee! Stole $2 million.
* "Two in the bodyguard. Mousey gets one in the gut."
* (Barstow!)
* "Thanks for the help, Sulu!" -Hope
* Asthma!
* Whoah, Niki's out of the mirror.
* "I'll buy us some time." -Matt
* "You heard Niki?" -Jessica
* 4th one over, 3rd one back.
* Heh, scaffold.
* "I have to see my father."
* Half of... $50K. Mean! Also, heading back to Mexico.
* Folded. In. Half.
* Busted!
* Mohinder! Hey, nice Ramones shirt, Sylar.
* "Like seeing all the pieces of a puzzle fit together."
* Does he recognize her from the paintings?
* Interested in how he controls the power.
* "There are others out there, like you."
* Dozens, hundreds, thousands.
* "But I am going to find them. All of them."
* Heh, the music in the Sylar scene included some awesome ticking.
* Aw, Ando.
* "I come in peace."
* Aw, Matt.
* "I don't have a dog!" She's gone.
* "Where do we run when the things we believe in vanish before our eyes?"

Next week: Someone flies. Someone dies. (No one is safe.)

And hey, someone sent me a URL a while ago that had good pics from the show, but the occasional spoilery pic. Can whoever it was resend? Thanks.
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