PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

I wish I could remember why I first started writing this post...

Today's bebe trivia: when she is sitting on my lap or nearby when I am looking at LJ, she always points out the icons. "That's you!" she'll say when she sees one of mine that she recognizes. She's also entertained when she sees two of my icons on the same screen, because all of a sudden, there's "two of me." And, I note, she's started to recognize other people's icons, as she asks who 'they" are now. It's a brave new world that she'll inherit.

Last night, hit DW to play some Rezolution. 500 points, the biggest game I've played of it to date. Still enjoying it grandly! It's very cinematic and very cyberpunk; at one point, I had my cyborg 'brick' walk into a wall of bullets toting a minigun, and watching the carnage. She was a tank. And like a good game of Shadowrun, many many d6s get rolled. Game went all my way at the beginning, and all my opponent's way at the end. Good times. But man, the book needs a better layout; looking things up still slows the game down.

One of the things I miss most from my old job? The color printer. Heh.

High-stress period at the homestead, but we're pulling through. We just need a couple breaks to go our way, for a change.

Tonight, a little cleaning, then gaming of one sort or another.
Tomorrow, partay. Looking forward to this one.
Sunday, bebe. I'm seriously considering watching Dracula on Masterpiece Theatre, too.
Tags: 2007, bebe, gaming, not news, tv

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