PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"Senate Republicans who earlier this week helped block deliberations on a resolution opposing President Bush's new troop deployments in Iraq changed course yesterday and vowed to use every tactic at their disposal to ensure a full and open debate."

When does it go from sex to rape?

Area planners find no easy answers to limiting growth.

* Ahmadinejad faces public criticism in Iran. Also, why not talk with Iran?
* Howard Kurtz on coming up in the Libby trial.
* Joel Achenbach on Bush and critical thinking.
* Because everyone know even hearing about the gay might turn you the gay.
* So what is Congress doing to keep busy, instead of working on legislation?
* PowerLine on the McCain's problems.
* Meanwhile, John Edwards says he will raise taxes.
* A gallery documents three decades of exciting architecture.

The Explainer, on astronaut sex.
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