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Previously, on Lost...

wokka wokka wokka!

* Previously: Jack, Kate, Sawyer.
* Hi Juliet. Hi Ethan.
* Hi... Jane? "I'm not doing it as your doctor, I'm doing it as your sister." -Juliet
* Miami!
* And now, a savage beating.
* "Go. Get them back." -Juliet
* Stealing test samples...
* And, her ex is a king of an ass.
* Smaller island, two miles from the other.
* And Jack turns Juliet in!
* "How else do they get back and forth?" -Kate
* Nice shot! Wait, I bet they didn't meant o shoot the radio.
* ZOMG ALEX "Nice to meet you, Sheena." -Sawyer
* "That's... not... helping... anything..." -Ben
* "I want in." "Who's your guinea pig?"
* Research is potentially genius.
* Alex has a boat! Just need to find Carl. Sure.
* "I'm Tom, by the way..."
* "They got history."
* Mittelos
* ...impregnated a male field mouse?
* Young woman with an old womb? Huh?
* If he was hit by a bus, huh?
* Not a leader. Ouch.
* "Oh hell."
* "It's the only place I haven't looked." -Alex
* Her dad! Huh.
* Wookie prisoner, hee.
* ZOMG Clockwork Orange. [EDIT: Sledgeweb with the film images.]
* Hey, weren't there some other castaways?
* Jane's pregnant!
* Ha ha ha bus
* "Ever since the sky turned purple, we..."
* Danny!
* OK, I am formally loving Tom this episode.
* But, Alex has to stay.
* And, Ben saved.
* "Promise me that you'll never come back here for me." -Jack
* And how long has Alex had the boat? Does she go back and forth?
* Is Jack one of them now? Oh, guess now.
* So, what did Ben say?
* Ethan! And Mr. Albert! "We're very thorough in our recruitment process."
* 3 years, 2 months, 28 days.
* She's a captive too!

Next week: "No matter what I try to do, you're going to die."

(More pics tomorrow, probably.)
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