PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Previously, on Heroes...

* "Your body doesn't know what to do with them all."
* How does Dr. Who know, anyways?
* "I can't relax, you're trying to bring her out." -Niki
* "...not two aspects at war."
* Aw, Jessica's story.
* So, Sylar's cell is under the paper company in Odessa.
* New paintings!
* Hee, manatees.
* "Your father always looks angry." -Ando
* "You are my only son, Hiro. This is your destiny."
* AUGH taser burns.
* Dr. Who's been at this invisible thing for fifteen years!
* "I spend a lot of time moving around people's homes."
* "People suck, friend."
* "Did you put on cologne?" -Hiro
* "Why don't you stay for dinner? Least I can offer my new hero." -Mrs. Bennet
* "I was homecoming queen. Kinda." -Claire
* "Don't question the miracle, right?"
* (Hey, did Sylar just use the Eden Voice?)
* Hooray for Mr. Bennet and the Haitian!
* (Man, Sylar booked out of there, fast.)
* And, more mind control for Mrs. Bennet.
* "There's something about this roof."
* Hee, pigeon mystery.
* "What hope is there?" -Isaac
* Oh, hi, invisible duo.
* Hee, sibling setup. "You don't need me."
* Niki's going home! Case thrown out! "Wonderful system, isn't it?"
* "You have to get rid of your distractions." Yay Claire-power!
* hee hee hee yay Dr. Who
* ZOMG Isaac is working for Mr. Bennet!
* Oooh, 'old friend isn't dead'
* (In case you missed it, Sulu's license plate was NCC 1701. bizarrojack and I cracked up instantly.)
* Ah, Niki's home.
* Wait, not Niki. Heh.
* Hey, Niki shook the mirror there.
* Hmmm. Mrs. Bennet having a headache. Maybe triggered by incongruous memories?
* Ha ha, Nathan's the dad!

Next week: Sylar and Mohinder!

OK, lots of info on Peter's powers, and even clues as to how Dr. Who knows all this. Plus, Isaac seems to be in the fold now.

And yes, congrats to young_egoist and sailormom for calling Nathan as the dad. Man, he kinda gets around.
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