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"Settlers were once considered the golden pioneers of Zionism, the force behind the creation of Israel and, later, the occupation of territory seized after the 1967 war. But the future of the settlement movement, and the settlers themselves, has never seemed more uncertain."

White House Watch: "In the fall of 2003, the White House was publicly issuing carefully parsed denials related to the Plame case - all of which later turned out to have one central aspect in common: They were utterly and completely deceptive."

"No taxes, no regulation, no bureaucrats — a total free market where we can do whatever we want when we want... Somalia is Adam Smith's dream."

"There have been real changes in Shia-Sunni relations in recent years."

* Analysis: is Bush quietly planning to leave Iraq?
* New report to detail tens of millions of dollars of reconstruction money fopr Iraq wasted and mismanaged.
* German prosecutors issue warrants for CIA agents accused of kidnapping a German citizen.
* Gonzales finally agrees to release documents concerning the domestic spying program.
* Howard Kurtz on Judith Miller's testimony at the Libby trial. Bonus phrase: "perverted war of leaks."
* Bush gets his bipartisan panel.
* Chavez claims increased power in Venezuela.
* No Metro tunnel to Tysons.
* Meanwhile, the Virginia legislature still struggles... to pick a state song.
* Time to sell that beachfront property: global warming isn't just for Democrats anymore.
* 20 years later, two Palestinian immigrants win their fight against the federal government.
* "I appreciate the aggressively stupid. I like silliness. I don't giggle from purely heady comedy. I can go, 'Wow, that's really smart and funny.' But, sadly, it's going to take something really stupid to make me laugh." -Sarah Silverman

On this day in 1606, Guy Fawkes was executed for his involvement in the Gunpowder Plot against the English Parliament and King James I.

Conspiracy theorists, start your engines: NASA can't find the famed moonwalk footage.

"The FDA announced changes intended to ensure that marketed drugs are as safe as advertised."
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