PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Took tze bebe a good long time to get to sleep last night - congestion was not her friend. Got her there eventually, and she slept sound, until this morning. Sounds like a dream woke her up. Didn't have any problems getting her back to sleep. Headed back to bed, looked at the clock... and she had woken up exactly fifteen minutes before my alarm went off. Huh. Convenient bebe alarm!

The bus continues to be my friend, as long as it's an evening in which I have no immediate plans. My preferred route seems to be Z11, not Z13 as I initially thought. Doesn't actually save much money (just a couple bucks off Metro parking) but the express routes are working like a champ, and not eating as much time as I suspected. This newfound "winter," though, that's a pain at early o'clock.

Fun fact for the ladies in the audience: men's fashion is of course nearly perfect, except dress pants are rarely very warm. Thusly, in winter, when you're walking a mile in the wind, your legs will freakin' freeze. As I'm hiking to work, this topic was running through my mind this morning.* How to solve this conundrum?

My first thought was to wrap my legs in strips of fabric, which would naturally have the side benefit of bringing ancient Egyptian fashion back into style. But no, too impractical for taking it on and off. I need something I can wear with my work pants, but still take on and off quickly. And then it hit me: I figured out a perfectly reasonable and not gay at all reason to wear chaps. Dear lord, I am a genius.

* - My mind tends to wander like this. Usually, it's figuring out plans for surviving the upcoming zombie apocalypse.

Tags: bebe, not news, two-fisted tales
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