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Previously, on Heroes...

* Previously: "When we embrace what lies within, out potential knows no limit."
* "Fantastic. One of those." -the invisible man
* "Smarter men than you have tried, and paid for it."
* "Um, red elephant with blue stripes?" -Matt
* Sylar's vitals irregular.
* "If he crashes, you bring him back, again and again." -Mr. Bennet
* Guy(s) with gun(s) after Hiro and Ando!
* (Hey, the opening changed.)
* "You yelled at my car." -Nathan
* And, Nathan finds out about the list.
* His DNA 'allows for a blend.' 'More like a sponge.' Huh. Also, ew.
* "Can you fix it?" -Nathan
* Heh, Peter worked in the same building.
* The dramatic return of... MR. MUGGLES.
* Zach, the worst liar ever.
* (The graffiti in the parking garage: Blind)
* Wait, were those guys after Hiro at all?
* "This is how we roll." -Hiro
* Nikki's psychiatrist! Read her file! No shot! And, you know, maybe this isn't a multiple personality that should be integrated.
* "It wasn't easy for Mom either!" -Micah
* (So, D.L. should get into internet porn?)
* Dude, Sylar's not dead.
* Matt's review... didn't go well. Aw. Suspension!
* Bad guys who speak Japanese! That's Hiro and Ando's only weakness! "I work for someone who has true power."
* First class to Tokyo, nice.
* Peter's packing. Oh, hi bro.
* The invisible man returns!
* 'empath' "That's what you all say." Hmmm.
* And, Janice is pregnant.
* D.L.'s visit. Aw. Uh, maybe you shouldn't mention things are bad at home.
* Hey Micah, don't forget to tell the camera to forget you.
* Claire! Think your phone might be bugged?
* Bennet, still dad of the year. Manatee book!
* Aw, no more bears.
* "I will be there for you, always." -Mr. Bennet
* "I need to get rid of Jessica." -Nikki
* "Well, I have a secret too." -Micah
* "Father?"
* "GULP!"
* This just in: Sylar's not dead. He *does* have a creepy plug in his head, though.
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