PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

After work, headed down to the Flux art show in Arlington (look, the flyer.) As I had some time to kill before the main attraction, I checked out the art there. Good stuff! The photography and the graffiti were the most interesting for me, but there were a couple other interesting pieces.

Pretty much everyone else called and said they were on their way, but running late. Heh. All but one made it for the first show of pictsy's aerial silks show. And she was fantastic! Seriously impressive stuff. Many comparisons with Cirque du Soleil followed afterwards, and favorable ones at that. (The floor was also perilously low, but no skulls were broken, so, good news. Despite falls that ended less than two feet [!] from the floor.) All awesome.

We had three hours to kill before her next show, so, food time. It was a goat rodeo trying to get everyone moving in the same direction, but we pulled it off. Hit an Indian dive, but one with tsty chow, and full of good discussion and the occasional bit of Bollywood.

Dinner completed, a couple people decided they wanted a drink, so we marched (through a slightly circuitous route to Dr. Dremo's. Which, it turns out, was part of the festival. Huh. We head downstairs to look for more room, and find out we're just in time to catch the bellydancing show. (The night was, as you can tell, full of us showing up exactly on time to catch things. Charmed night.) The performer was Belladonna (of DC Tribal.) More of a modern style bellydance than I'm used to (heh) but pretty keen.

Afterwards, a terrible noise band started, so we booked back to the art space... and made it back there just in time for the fire show. I have seen people doing fire dancing before, and with those flaming poi, but these people were pretty talented. The guy was *very* talented, and did things I haven't seen before. Also, the chick with the flaming hula hoop was highly entertaining, as was the chick with the flaming fans (who is also part of DC Tribal, it seems.) They had four people int here at once doing things, and asides from the space being a problem (hard to see what was going on all the time, when you're behind two rows of people) it was also a treat. And ended right before pictsy's second performance, which was every bit as good as the first show! The crowd was even larger for the second one, as well.

Commuted home, house was predictably full of partying women. Was a little grumpy about being sequestered into my room, despite not matching the chromosomal requirement for the party. But I checked my e-mail, put on an episode of Invader Zim and POW passed right out. Huh. Guess the sleep dep did catch up with me.

In other news, the munchkin is a chatterbox today, but a slightly naughty one. Also, they raised the price of laundry. Just a quarter, but it's the principle of the thing.

Tags: 2007, not news, two-fisted tales

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