PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Thanks to Holly Hobby for today's must-read link: the opposition isn't anti-war, it's against America's arrogant empire. Seriously, read it, you'll thank me later. I'm especially looking for opinions from Agent Dieter and a certain bald someone who's middle name isn't actually "Danger!"

Dinner with family et al last night at Gracie's Fortune in Bowie went well. RQ's dad flies back today, so I think tonight is relaxing from a week of activity. We played with the video camera last night some as well, to provide a souvenir of baby to take home.

Why does eBay rock? "1787 items found for amish"
"NPR is interviewing a Saudi editor, who warns us that the average Saudi - who of course holds Saddam in contempt as a brutal butcher - will nevertheless be very angry if America kills fifty Iraqis and continues to block UN resolutions on Israel. I say when this war is over we couple the issue of Palestinian rights with Saudi women's rights. Self-determination for everyone. The Pals get autonomy; Saudi women get driver's licenses. Agreed?" -James Lileks

Fortune Cookie: "Never forget a friend, especially if he owes you."
MP3: Concrete Blonde, "Roxy"

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