PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

A look at the future of global warming and how we're getting there. Also, how the media is partially to blame for how bad things have gotten. (Both courtesy asimplelife.)

* Neat! "The president is not our commander in chief."
* On the ground in Iraq, searching for IEDs.
* The experts weigh in on Bush's proposed health care changes.
* The Libby trial exposes the administration's manipulation fo the media, under oath.
* More of the White House's bait and switch agenda.
* Northern Virginia is in for more traffic woes.
* No, Rush Limbaugh won't be embracing a bipartisan spirit.
* A monumental breakthrough in microchip technology?
* Will Sam Raimi helm that Hobbit movie?
* Gaming news: Peter D. Adkison on the closing of GenCon SoCal. (Courtesy warmaster.)
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