PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Also: zombies

"Though well-intentioned, these 105 soldiers seem to have no idea who they're fighting, or if the people they are patching up are the ones they just finished shooting at, or how to verify what the men they've apprehended are even culpable of."

On the ground in Iraq's 'red dawn.'

* Pow. "A former aide testifies in Libby's trial that the vice president directed the effort to discredit a CIA agent's husband." (Bonus scenes from the trial.)
* Don't look now, but the decider is back.
* Iran might be planning a satellite launch. No, really.
* Gearing up to grill the FCC.
* Republicans senators look for answers on the war.
* A British general writes about adjusting to the modern face of warfare.
* Famed astronaut Shannon Lucid still going strong.
* China embraces Suicide Rabbit.

The convoluted politics of zombie cinema. (Courtesy Disinfo.)
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