PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Also: Hawkman

OK, OK, I know some of you missed winter, but it's damn cold out now. That wind cuts right through me. I had to wear the scarf for the first time all season, and I ended up wrapping it around my head in a comical fashion.

Fun time gaming with warmaster yesterday evening. Warmachine, my Cygnar vs. his Cryx, and man, it was a rough one. The terrain favored neither of us, and things almost went very, very badly for me. Nonetheless, I pulled out the win. More details available for anyone who cares.

Many cool gaming plans are in the works, it's an exciting time. Having little to no disposable income has oddly made me get more creative on this issue. I'll know if it works out in, oh, a couple months. Presuming I'm not living out of the car by then.

Still have one special movie review to do.

Tonight: City of Something! Maybe Heroes. (Super-cool double XP weekend!)
Tomorrow: Some art festival thingy. No, I'm not getting cultured, a friend is performing. Though the other stuff looks to be interesting. Then, home, to be sequestered in the bedroom.
Sunday: Bebe, visiting my parents, possibly.
Monday: Book club! Woefully unprepared!
Tags: 2007, gaming, not news

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