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"How, I wonder, might W.'s presidency have turned out differently if he took the kind of bipartisan approach he trumpeted tonight, instead of repeatedly portraying the Democrats as cut-and-runners? ...I don't mean to be overly cynical here. Some of these proposals may be perfectly good ideas. But let's face it: Bush is at Nixon-during-Watergate levels in the polls."
-Howard Kurtz

Good read: Abu Aardvark on the Shia/Sunni question.

Libby claims he's a scapegoat. More coverage by Andrew Cohen and Dan Froomkin.

* A good wrapup by Dana Milbank.
* Here's some fact checking. Comment below when you find more.
* Bonus awesome: word counts! (Hey, was thre no mention of Katrina or New Orleans?)
* LATimes analysis finds Bush looking for his footing. Post analysis says he's trying to revise his legacy. And the NYTimes analysis wonders what his new domestic ideas actually are.
* The BBC noted how many mentions of Iran were made.
* Harold Meyerson reaches three conclusions.
* Looking for compromise, except on Iraq.
* Contradictions seen in his energy plans.
* NYTimes editorial sees no sign of Bush changing course.
* BAGnewsNotes discusses the visuals, plus bonus material from Tom Shales.
* The full text of the speech.

* On the ground in "Taleban country."
* Bad sign: what if Iraq had a parliament and no one came?
* Medical uses for ecstasy?
* Heading back to the moon? We better plan for the dust.
* Whoah. Pictures of a rare frilly shark.
* Saving a species through assisted migration.
* Global warming and wineries.
* Punks, public access, hedonism, and vegans and cooking.
* lists the Oscar snubs.

The AVClub interviews David Lynch (Courtesy warmaster.)

"New research demonstrates that habits of so-called magical thinking - the belief, for instance, that wishing harm on a loathed colleague or relative might make him sick - are far more common than people acknowledge."
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