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Previously, on Heroes...

* Two weeks later...
* Hey, new parts to Peter's vision.
* Niki's in jail, and those guard look pretty beat up.
* Claire says she doesn't remember much.
* "I think it's a blessing that you don't remember." -Mr. Bennet
* "Not so dangerous now, are you, Mr. Sylar?" -Mr. Bennet
* They're decoding him! WTF.
* Raid on the paper company! Oh, hello Mr. Haitian. "Oops."
* Hiro's doing research! Found the sword. The sword will restore his powers? OMG SYMBOL.
* Peter's mystery fever: sifting through the vision?
* Said something about 'absorbing too many powers.'
* "Fine, show me... Take me to the artist." -Nathan
* D.L., dad of the year. Charges dropped! "There is no deal, Mr. Hawkins, unless Mr. Linderman says there's a deal."
* "He was a wild savage with great powers." Found the sword in the... snow?
* The symbol is a combo of two characters! "Great Talent" "Godsend"
* Mohinder's turning in the list! To, uh, someone.
* Sara Ellis? Oh, Eden.
* Matt's no supercop.
* "Good luck with that." -Mr. Bennet
* Hey Zach!
* Niki's lawyer = worst job ever. Death penalty! That won't go over well.
* "Don't pay any attention to her."
* Hee, Hiro rationalizing that it's a good deal for the museum. Slows down time! Close enough.
Replica: Courtesy of the Linderman Group.

* Oh, hi Isaac! Still haven't found a shirt yet? Heh, barely remembers.
* "These things can't be connected. I mean, the world doesn't work like this." -Nathan
* "Flying man!"
* Claire meets with the Haitian, and that place looks familiar.
* "Nothing in my life has been real." -Claire
* He can't give memories back.
* "What you can do, what I can do... that is God. Respect it accordingly." -the Haitian
* Somewhere in the Nevada desert...
* Ted's practicing!
* "I don't think I'm ever going to meet them." -Claire
* Aw, D.L. holding her hand through the glass.
* "I want you to come home." -Micah
* Uh, Niki, maybe you should calm down a little.
* Mr. Bennet visits Mohinder.
* "Not everyone who has these abilities deserves them." -Mr. Bennet
* "Are you on the list?" -Mr. Bennet

Matt: I can read people's thoughts.
Janice: Meaning what?

* And in the vision, the laughing man. "I took his power, Nathan. I can't control it!"
* Hee, Peter just left the hospital.
* Man, Hiro steals every scene he's in.
* Peter's booking a flight to the desert.
* Hey, the laughing man!
* "Nobody sees me! I'm invisible!"
* And Niki's in the psych ward. That won't last. (Same position as Sylar, I note.)
* Yay, Claire and Zach rebuilding their friendship.
* "Who needs God when you've got me?"
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