PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Analysis: so, what's the best we can realistically hope for in Iraq, really?

"Khamanei not Ahmadinehad holds the cards in Iran, and has shown himself to be a pragmatist who has little interest in inviting a military confrontation with the U.S."

China and the exploitation of women in an increasingly male culture.

* The head of Abu Sayyaf has been confirmed killed.
* What Congress's ethics reform doesn't cover.
* Ex-FEMA head Brown alleges party politics affected Katrina response.
* The question of 'enjoyment marriages' in Iraq.
* BAGnewsNotes on Bush's big lie.
* Catholics leaving the church, but not the faith.
* Why the Colbert-O'Reilly faceoff fizzled.
* The (belated) obituary of Robert Anton Wilson.

Big media lands on social networking sites.

I heard it on NPR: former football player and pro wrestler Chris Nowinski on concussion research in the sports world.

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