PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Fox News reveals Obama's dirty secret: he smokes! Wait, everyone knew that. Pan down to the screencap, too. (Courtesy rstevens.)

Good read: the other case we should celebrate next to Roe vs. Wade.

Howard Kurtz covers the secret wiretapping flip-flop. But Bush has said nothing's changing.

* Star wars: China destroys satellite with missile.
* Is Bush looking to Rice to secure his legacy?
* Did Cheney quash a deal with Iran?
* The other casualties: the 500th amputee comes home.
* Eugene Robinson gives his state of the union.
* Abu Aardvark discusses his impressions from Egypt.
* House Democrats complete their 'first 100 hour' agenda.
* Dana Milbank with the behind-the-scenes report on partisan bickering in the Senate over the ethics legislation.
* Former Congressman Ney gets jail time in the Abramoff scandal.
* Virginia Republicans present a plan to revamp transportation infrastructure.
* Jail time for adultery in Michigan?
* The most awesome 9 year old runaway in America.
* Art Buchwald's final column, written to be published after his death.
* Mysterious visitor returns to Poe's grave.

Howzabout a new form of life discovered in the Arctic? (Courtesy selki.) presents twenty dystopian futures from the movies.

O'Reilly faced off against Colbert.
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