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Another surprise: administration announces the secret government wiretap program will continue, under the eye of the FISA court. Oh, and it's going away, anyways. The Times analysis sees a White House retreat. Dan Froomkin points to unanswered questions. The National Review has some issues, too.

"The Pentagon has drafted a manual for upcoming detainee trials that would allow suspected terrorists to be convicted on hearsay evidence and coerced testimony and imprisoned or put to death."

Texas ignores the Supreme Court about the death penalty.

Fed Chairman Bernanke warns that rising debt could be disastrous. Man, where did all that debt come from? Such a mystery!

* Day one of the Scooter Libby trial.
* Impressive: how Clinton and Carter lead us to 9/11.
* Ideas for fixing the Orange Line and I-66 overcrowding.
* Republicans block ethics bill in the Senate.
* Interpreting missing children statistics.
* Newly-elected Democrat seeks to decriminalize cohabitation in North Dakota.
* National Review on Obama's announcement.
* Muslim speaker shows how not to win over a crowd.
* OK, Virginia? Maybe you should just ban your public officials from ever speaking in public about anything. Seriously, is there something in the water?
* Using RICO laws to fight... mix tapes.
* Are nicotine levels on the rise in cigarettes?
* Just like in the movies: scientists recreate deadly virus in the lab, to, you know, study its effects. Yay science!
* Columnist Art Buchwald passed away.

"An unusual archaeological site discovered in Peru's mountains may hold clues to the history of the Chachapoya people, known as 'cloud warriors,' who fought the Inca Empire before the Spanish conquest."

Sweden to move half a town. Physically.

Huh. 'Jungle girl' found in Cambodia. (Courtesy pictsy.)
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