PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"Climate change is as great a threat to humankind as nuclear annihilation." Also, budget cuts are hindering research.

Ooh. Not only are secret earmarks gone, but they might have to be posted to the web ahead of time. A real boon for watchdog groups!

"Today's Republicans now must choose between Eisenhower's way and Nixon's way."

* What about a surge for Afghanistan?
* Howard Kurtz notes that, despite all the news, there's only one issue.
* Max Boot thinks the surge might be worth a try.
* Salon wonders where the antiwar protests are.
* LineOnline transcript with Dan Froomkin.
* Bush to call the Democrats on their 'balanced budget' claims. Allow me to simply mention the phrase "two to tango."
* British bill targets organized crime.
* Is Obama the frontrunner?
* Europe is also having a warm winter.
* Teaching about 'sexual variations' in school.
* Do multivitamins actually help?

Fifteen days ago, millions of pages of government documents were automatically declassified. When will they be available to the public?
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