PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Yep, stayed up late to watch Angel, since I was sick of hearing an hour straight of the same two bits of news over and over.

Man. 90% of that episode was awe-some-tastic. Why oh why did that last 10%, which was entirely Cordelia/Connor stuff, have to be sprinkled throughout the rest? I mean, seriously. He Can't Be This Dumb.

I mean, on paper, how can you go wrong with an episode where 70's Angel sings "Mandy" and before that he saved a puppy! But, yeah, more pregnant Cordelia and retardoConnor is the way to screw it up. Sigh.

I was also vaguely irritated with how everyone seemed to know Willow, but I'm willing to let that slide. And at first I was hating the Fred/Willow thing, until Willow fixed it all with three words: "I'm seeing someone."

Faith: Wes.
Wesley: Faith.
Faith: See, Brits know how to say goodbye. Angel here wanted to hug.
Tags: tv
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