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* Analysis from the Post, including changes to key assumptions. Here one from the Times. Also, Howard Kurtz sees it as Bush's last chance.
* The BBC offers the at-a-glance plus a Q&A.
* Poll shows that, you guessed it, most people don't support this "new way forward."
* Dana Milbank wonders what Bush is really up to; what's plan B? (My money says 'running out the clock.')
* BAGnewsNotes covers the images.
* Dana Milbank covers the, uh, "prebuttal".
* "The central and most glaring contradiction is the implied threat to walk away.... Yoked to the ringing declaration that, of course, we can't walk away."
* Bonus analysis from Tom Shales, and a little review from Keith Olbermann on Bush's credibility.

Max Boot discusses blaming the media.

* Americans raid angers Iranians. Wonder what this is all about. (Courtesy reese99.) Along those lines, is Bush thinking of war with Iran?
* Military analysis show intensified combat likely, meaning increased casualties. And let's not forget the Iraqis don't really want us there.
* How the disaster led to the surge in crime in New Orleans.
* Fairfax county schools stand up to No Child Left Behind.
* States push for generic insulin.
* Actress Katey Sagal gives birth.

Yvonne De Carlo, star of The Munsters, passed away.
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