PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Welcome to America, 2007

"The New York Daily News today reports on a signing statement President Bush quietly issued two weeks ago, in which he asserts his right to open mail without a warrant."

"The White House and the Secret Service quietly signed an agreement last spring in the midst of the Jack Abramoff lobbying scandal declaring records identifying visitors to the White House are not open to the public."

Rep. Ellison on inclusion.

Chevy Chase on Gerald Ford.

* Dan Froomkin on the recent job turnover in the administration - is it Cheney's revenge?
* Bush's ability to act on Iraq is limited.
* Fred Kaplan sees no change in the president's strategy.
* Time analysis of the details of the surge.
* House passes new ethics rule to curb earmarks.
* Charles Krauthammer speaks out against Husesein's execution.
* Somalia still faces disorder.
* Republicans in Congress get a taste of their own medicine.
* Rebuilding New Orleans, the wrong way. Also, the city remains plagued by violence.
* Ban Ki-moon as the 'safe choice.'
* Conservatives are still looking for a candidate.
* The new public nature of the Supreme Court.
* Rehnquist, the FBI, hallucinations, and national security.
* William Safire makes his predictions for 2007, but you might want to take into account how well he did in 2006.
* "Thanks to a lucrative tour, the Rolling Stones were #1 in combined concert and album sales revenue in 2006."

I heard it on NPR: meet the real Sacha Baron Cohen.

The BBC talks radio with Garrison Keillor.

Ten things we didn't know this time last week.
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