PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Courtesy asimplelife: Company hired to build Mexico/California fence fined for hiring illegal immigrants

What if Iran is a paper tiger?

By 'bipartisan,' what they meant was...

* Questions linger after Saddam Hussein's execution.
* Journalists face a heavy death toll in Iraq.
* How Bush's plan for Iraq collapsed.
* One soldier's death.
* So, what does the NRA do when there's no gun legislation on the docket?
* A year after the Sago mine disaster, mine reforms are still waiting.
* The Archbishop of Canterbury speaks out against the war.
* Romania and Bulgaria rock the EU.
* Virginia library gets rid of 'unpopular' books.
* How our brains ponder the future.
* Snackmakers look for the next craze.
* The midseason checkup for the new TV series.

Dave Barry takes on 2006.

history_spork takes on Man in the Iron Mask.
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