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Heroclix charity event was a big success yesterday. Over 24 players, much money raised for CBLDF in memory of a local player who passed away. My Nextwave! team went all of 1-2, which is one more win than I expected. Can't complain. Probably needed to do more needless posing.

That evening, hit the party of girlie47 and safetypup, had a great but all-too-brief time. Missed a couple cool people early (hey, Virginia is far,) spent time with cool people (including some just met that night,) and left just as more cool people were showing up. As noted, I despise party-hopping, but it's a necessary evil until I have a place big enough to host a huge new year's party for everyone I know.

Quick and rainy drive back stateside (and only the one sobriety checkpoint,) and hit a swinging party at the pad of snidegrrl and bizarrojack. Good times! Catching up with friends I haven't seen in way too long, never got past a light, pleasant buzz, and unexpected dancing and sing-alongs. (It's a musical house.) Out to all hours, naturally.

Woke up way late, sacking our plans to see a movie matinee. Oops!

After uploading new icons this morning, I started updating my quotes pages... and managed to kick the new year off right by accidentally replacing my Big Quotes Files with an out-of-date copy from like a month ago. VERY FRUSTRATING. Luckily, my webmaster is 100% rock star, so, file saved. Whew. It wouldn't be a lot of work down the drain, but it was a fair amount.

Plans in the works for the new year: a Rezolution webpage, something political. Oh, and sending out those new year's cards.
Tags: 2007, comic books, gaming, not news

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