PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

2006 year in review, part two:
* Time's top ten lists for 2006.
*'s ''greatest hits.'
* Time's people who mattered in 2006.
* Post magazine's year-end wrapup.
*'s year's most interesting pictures and games of the year.
* The best TV shows of 2006, and the most-talked about TV moments of the year.
* AFI's 'moments of importance.'
* The biggest entertainment disappointments of 2006.
* The best comic books of 2006.
* makes your mixtape of 2006.

* The best movies of 2006.
* The best and worst movies of the year.
* The big overview. The box office bounces back.
* Stephen King picks his top ten movies (notes: contains spoilers.) (Courtesy examorata.)
* The unbelievably bad movies of 2006.

And finally, one hundred things we didn't know this time last year.

(For part one, click here.)
Tags: 2006, comic books, movies, news, tv

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