PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Reactions from the Arab world to Saddam Hussein's execution. The NYTimes analysis doesn't see much coming from it. Abu Aardvark discusses the timing (plus bonus coverage.)

How would historical leaders handle Iraq: Caesar, Genghis Khan, Lincoln, Washington.

In pictures: the Hajj pilgrimage.

* Eta ends its ceasefire with a bombing in Madrid.
* New state laws show an impatience with the federal government.
* The problem with residency restrictions for sex offenders.
* White House press briefings, reporters, and the cameras.
* The Beltway cult of Gerald Ford.
* Republican infighting in Kansas.
* Jobs cleared in Apple stock scandal.
* Why are more kids getting kidney stones?
* Knighthood for scientific advisers in the UK.
* The 4th Indiana Jones movie is tentatively set for May 2008.

Another thrilling Anita Blake comic review by Chris Sims.

This year, there'll be a legion of Imperial Stormtroopers in the Rose Bowl Parade.
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