PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

* US in danger of being isolated thanks to the current administration and their failed diplomacy. On a related note, a good in-depth article on how the administration push away our allies.
* Iraq identifies its sources for its biological weapons: the United States and France.
* Again, we should just put Blair in charge. He's the one taking the big risks, anyways.
* Superflu? WHO issues a a rare global alert. The CDC activates their emergency response center.
* The Post comes up with their own emergency preparedness guide.
* Here's how those great tax cuts will trickle down, BTW.
* "We now know in quantifiable, stupefying terms, just how much WorldCom overpaid for the telecommunications network it built."

"It might seem hard to believe now, but one of the central foreign policy themes in George W. Bush's presidential campaign was the importance of America's alliances. Indeed, candidate Bush criticized the Clinton administration for failing to work more closely with our allies." -James Mann, in his article for the Post.

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