PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Commuters as a captive market.

The women who tried to assassinate Ford.

I heard it on NPR: the jubilant scene in Harlem at the viewing for James Brown. (Bonus: NYTimes coverage, and BBC gallery.)

* China defends its military expansion.
* "The American public deserves a fuller and more open review of the National Security Agency's illegal eavesdropping program than it has been getting from its toothless watchdog."
* Freed from Islamist militants, the citizens of Mogadishu turn on the Ethiopian troops that freed them, as the prime minister returns to the lawless city.
* Will Steve Jobs get fired?
* Hearts and minds, people. Hearts and minds.
* Major ice shelf breaks off of the North Pole.
* The Ravens go virtual.

Tokyo stores beam commercials directly to customers via RFID.

Whoah. Real Genius 2. (Courtesy theantichrist.)

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