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"For Maj. William Voorhies, the American commander of the military training unit at the scene, the moment encapsulated his increasingly frustrating task — trying to build up Iraqi security forces who themselves are being used as proxies in a spreading sectarian war."

Great read: Sidney Blumenthal takes on Bush's 'new way forward', the neocon's last grasp.

Blast from the past: zanramon found a hidden surprise in this old picture of Ford.

* Malnutrition in Africa also ruins the future of its survivors.
* The conflict in Somalia shows shadows from the past.
* The Hajj kicks off today.
* Interesting. The Republicans' about-face on prisoners.
* FDA rules no warning labels are needed for food from cloned animals.
* Plumbing the Antarctic depths.
* Turns out wind power has complications.
* In its 12th year of holiday sales, breaks its own records.
* "Unlike other incredible feats of engineering - the Golden Gate Bridge and the Statue of Liberty - the strapless bra is an imperfect design."

"White-handed gibbons in Thailand's forests have been found to communicate threats from predators by singing - the first time the behavior has been discovered among non-human primates."

The Straight Dope on trans fats.

On the Media interviews Stephen Colbert.
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