PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Last night was a treat of a Trading Spaces. Scotsdale, AZ, with Frank vs. Doug. Once again Frank proved he *can* do good rooms, and it's just malice that he 'paints chickens on the walls,' to paraphrase Doug. But the point was, I love the color purple that Frank used on the walls.

Wait, no, the point was, I need a TiVO, as we kept seeing commercials for two shows I want to see, Faking It and Monster Garage. Anyone watching these? Are they as good as they look?

Friday was half a good steak and half a merely adequate steak, followed by How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. The movie started off great, with the whole thing set up in ten minutes. I'm not a big fan of most comedies, much less romantic comedies, so pacing is very important here. Unfortunately, the parts of the film that really cracked me up were obscured by the fact that the whole thing was 30-45 minutes longer than it needed to be. But, Adam Goldberg! he's one of my new favorite actors.

I can also say that Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter is the best movie I have seen this year which includes Jesus Christ teaming up with a legendary Mexican wrestler to fight lesbian vampires. Can you guess it's Canadian? THis is the kind of film my friends and I would have made ten years ago if we had access to a video camera and a lot of sugar. We may have left out the musical number though. And did they purposely try to make it looked dubbed? Anyways, the DVD is worth it for the "Harry Knuckles" trailer alone.

Frailty is Bill "Game Over, Man!" Paxton's directorial debut, and is pretty decent. Hard to classify, though. You know how they always advertise movies as 'tense psychological thrillers'? Well, this is what happens when you leave out the tension, and most of the thriller part. It's good, but just sort of happens. It also get bonus points for using the words 'magic items.'
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