PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"Is it time to stop blaming the media on Iraq? Have we reached the point where the reality - the objective, unvarnished reality, as best we can discern it - is universally recognized as pretty bad?"
-Howard Kurtz

How federal subsidies have turned farming into big business - and are eliminating the family farms the subsidies were meant to protect.

Whoo! On Dec. 31st, a great many secret documents will be declassified.

Fifteen years later, the drug lord is gone, but his pet hippos remain a local menace.

* Good read: National Review's Rich Lowry on blaming the media.
* Dana Milbank on Bush's final press conference of 2006.
* Time asks: would a troop surge even work?
* Dick Polman on Bush's plan(s) for victory.
* Do the Sunnis in Iraq have any clear leadership?
* Army General Abizaid, head of Central Command, plans to retire in March.
* Abu Aardvark discusses American bases in the Middle East.
* Republican Congressman from Virginia fears 'more Muslims' in Congress. Seriously.
* Today's headline: "Virgin Birth For Komodo Dragon"

Scientific breakthrough on the genetics of eye color.

Local legend Arch Campbell signs off for the last time.

AMC to remake The Prisoner.

And the name for the last Harry Potter book is...
Tags: 2006, news, scary technology
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