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"As President Bush weighs his options for forging a new Iraq policy, he faces this big conundrum: Many proposals call for greater reliance on and deeper development of the Iraqi state, but the reality is that the Iraqi state, in many respects, does not exist."

Andrew Cohen on the lethal injection controversy. Good read.

Reality check: more than 90% of all Americans have had premarital sex, and those numbers go back farther than you think.

* "Imagine if journalism consisted of more than a collage of conflicting talking points. Imagine the difference it would make if more brand-name reporters broke from the bizarre straitjacket of 'balance,' which equates fairness with putting all disputants on equal epistemological footing, no matter how deceitful or moronic they may be."
* Libya sentences aid workers to death.
* White House censors former analyst's column.
* Pentagon report discusses the state of the anti-American forces at work in Iraq. A military assessment says security must come before stability can be achieved.
* On the ground in Bagdhad.
* When does an embassy become a military base?
* Meanwhile, the elections in Iran yield some interesting numbers.
* Yet another presidential signing statement, this one over the already-frustrating India nuclear deal.
* What bioterrorism threat? HHS ditches plans for anthrax vaccine.
* Pinning your hopes on whale vomit.
* The FBI will release the last of its files on John Lennon.
* That might not be what he wants in a presidential library.
* Animation great Joseph Barbera passed away.

"The ADD generation" declines medication.

In defense of more television coverage of Congress.

WOW. Controversial director Uwe Boll boxes his opponents - no, literally. Including founder "Lowtax." This is *the* most awesome story of the year.
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