PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Finally watching Rome, and honestly, the show could be All About Atia, and I'd be a happy man. We're maybe three episodes in. I'm also digging Titus. Hooray for OnDemand.

Busy day of... well, nothing. These three-day weeks are taking some getting used to. Bebe and M. are doing crafts on the table behind me, which is entertaining in and of itself. She (the bebe) is loving Christmas "because it brings her toys." (Though, after some prompting, she noted there's other good parts too.)

Oh, and in other bebe news, Zoe mentioned today that she's not a bell (I always call her Zoe-belle.) So, there's that.

Coordinated holiday movies with A. as well. She and bebe will be catching Charlotte's Web, and we'll be taking bebe to Night At The Museum. Neither of us are all that enthused about Eragon, so it may get lost in the shuffle.

Started working on new icons recently. Started working on year-end wrapups too. Whee.
Tags: bebe, movies, not news, tv

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