PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

So, after some confusion, indecision, and yelling at my wireless last night, I ended up playing City of Heroes.

* Bebe mission: funny. Snaptooth remains a bitch to lower levels. He still doesn't like knockdown, though.
* That is one ugly baby. Seriously. And it moves so creepily.
* Four rewards! Oh, my badge-whoredom is mighty.
* Mastermind goons love to pick fights in the ice caves. Looooove. With my brute, I went with a lackeyed zombie master, and I kid you not, they picked fights three times and got us killed twice. Zombies are funny.
* It's very mean putting the door for a lowbie mission all the way down the bottom of the slopes. Because, sure, skiing down is fun, but back up...
* It's never actually funny walking through a tunnel mish, turning a corner, and seeing a Shadow Cyst Crystal whatever standing next to a red Winter Lord.

More later, as work just got goofy. I just took three calls in a row, which brings the total number of calls I have taken in my tenure here to... three.

I could write up a whole 'nother post on my love of the Vet rewards.
Tags: gaming, not news

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